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Customer Videos

Electricity customers are talking about their experiences with the smart grid. Check out these videos to hear what they have to say!


The smart grid helps Patricia use energy more wisely every day, while saving her money.


The smart grid lets Jon and Lauren live a sustainable lifestyle. 


The smart grid lets Juan and Christian take personal action to save energy.


The smart grid makes it easy for Pat to use technology and save money on her bill.


The smart grid gives Peter the feedback he needs to manage energy at his job and home.


The smart grid allows Naomi to make a difference in her community, family, and household.


The smart grid will give Steve the energy information he wants - on his mobile, in-home display, or online.


Disclaimer: All video links on this site direct you to EEI's YouTube channel. EEI does not endorse any video suggestions made by YouTube.


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Virginia learns simple steps to save money on her electric bills.

Improving Power Restoration

The smart grid helps electric companies improve power restoration efforts.

Smart Meters and the Smart Grid

See how smart meters and other smart technologies will benefit customers.