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Edison Electric Institute Research

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) is the association of U.S. shareholder-owned electric companies. EEI publishes original research on key issues in the electric power industry, including grid modernization. Check out these resources to learn more: 

Access an update on EEI member company involvement in smart grid activity, including installing energy management systems; developing energy storage devices; deploying advanced relaying and automated monitoring systems for outage detection and restoration; and integrating renewable and distributed energy resources.


A summary of 76 decisions by state utility commissions in 24 states on shareholder-owned utility applications for approval of smart grid programs and projects.


This white paper provides a basic overview for understanding how the electric utility industry seeks to ensure that smart meters provide the appropriate level of accuracy, safety, and security. 

  • Public Opinion Research

EEI regularly conducts public opinion surveys to gauge consumer attitudes, opinion, and awareness as they relate to major energy issues. Our Quarter 2 2012 survey show that awareness of the smart grid and smart meters continues to grow:


    • 45% of Americans have now heard the term "smart grid."
    • Among those who have heard the term, 53 percent say they have a basic or complete understanding of what it is and how it would work.
    • 46% of those surveyed report that they have heard the term "smart meters"—an increase from 37% one year ago.
    • Of those who said they are familiar with smart meters, 67% claim some level of understanding.


Check out these highlights about the public’s opinion toward grid modernization: 


    • 80% of Americans surveyed believe it should be a priority for local, state, and federal governments—along with electricity providers—to begin implementing smart grid technology over the next one to five years. 
    • Electricity customers think the top reasons for electric companies to implement smart grid technology are to improve energy efficiency and to help customers save money.  
    • 80% of Americans surveyed say they are likely to use the information provided by their smart meters to reduce their electricity use. 
    • Most electricity customers think the most important features of smart meters are their ability to detect when an outage occurs and to help customers manage their electricity usage and costs based on real-time information.




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